It’s the end of February and to me that means one thing and one thing only!! It’s the beginning of one of my favorite times of year! St Patty’s Day! So this weekend we created another decore item to celebrate this awesome holiday!

When I was young we had this amazing book full of fun projects to do. Everything from building your own musical instruments to bubble art! I wish I still had that book, it would be such a fun resource to use for me with my little boy! I can recall this one section dedicated to making your own stamps out of fruits and vegetables!! Cut-outs in potatoes, flower stamps from the base of celery, stars from apples and I’m not sure if it was in the book or not but shamrocks from pepper rings!!! So!!!! With a plate of green and yellow paint, an orange bell pepper cut in half, a canvas and an excited little boy suited up in his art apron from great grandma I fulfilled a childhood quest and we made art out of vegetables! How “lucky”!!


It took him awhile to warm up to the fact that he’d get paint on his fingertips (it seems I’ve passed on some of my clean freak-isms!) But once he realized that the paint was washable he really enjoyed pressing down the peppers to make their stamp after I had dipped it into the paint!  It’s a really simple and impactful craft.  We did ours on canvas but  any surface would work! (I cannot wait to make other vegetable stamps and roll out the craft paper to make some wrapping paper!). We let the shamrocks dry and then I used black paint to write out “Lucky” but if you have older kids they could do that themselves.  Let them be creative with what they write too! Their names would also be really neat!

Get ready for many more creative and simple decor projects to highlight St Patty’s Day! I’m talking rainbows, clovers, leprechauns and all things green! It’s the most wonderful time of the year after all!! (And no, I’m not even Irish!)

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