Irish Coffee (heaven)…


I was lucky enough to travel to Ireland with my husband and parents a few years back…it felt like a second home and I cannot wait to be able to go back.  Insanely it took us halfway through our trip to discover these mugs of heaven, Irish Coffee! And from that moment forward my life was forever changed!

My husband and dad had chosen to spend the day sightseeing around the town of Ennis where we were staying and my mom and I decided to shop (surprise surprise).  It was one of the few rainy days we experienced while we were there but it was cold and wet and so at the beginning of our shopping day we decided to slip into a pub and have something hot to warm up.  Can I just add that the pubs there are as amazing as you could possibly imagine. So much culture and heritage and warmth!  We both ordered an Irish coffee and it was brought to us on a plate with a package of thin ginger cookies (that were heaven-sent too I swear!). That coffee….oh that coffee!  I still dream of it.  Later on that day when we had hooked back up with the guys it turned out that they too had stopped in that pub and had Irish coffees as well…it was like the angels were sending us there separately but together so we could all experience it!

After that we continued to order Irish coffees whenever we ate out (unless we were having a Guinness day!) and at one point we finally asked how to make them knowing full well it likely would never be the same once we were home!  Here’s the recipe we were told!

~In a large clear glass mug add a hefty shot of Irish whisky (Jameson) to 2 tsp brown sugar. Stir and top with hot, strong brewed coffee.  Top with unpasteurized heavy cream, whipped to a beautiful froth. (Herein lies the problem here in Canada…unless you can hook me up with a generous dairy farmer as I don’t think I want to start milking my own cow anytime soon!  The whipping cream you buy in the store just isn’t quite like the cream in Ireland…likely due to the pasteurization so our friendly mixologist at the pub told us.) Do not stir the coffee at this point.  You want to sip the coffee through the heavy cream.

I wanted to post this amazing recipe in ample time for you all to go out and gather up the ingredients (specifically that divine Irish Whiskey) so that you too can toast to my favorite time of the year!  I plan to enjoy these hot mugs of heaven all week leading up to St. Patty’s Day! And if by chance someone from Ireland reads this post and knows what I’m talking about with those thin ginger cookies I would forever be indebted to you if you wanted to send some my way!

Slainte!! (Cheers!!)

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