This Official “Launch”

I’m so excited to finally have enough “meat” on the bones of this blog to officially launch it to the Facebook world!  I’ve been planning A Simple Living for quite some time now and finally have the courage to bring it to life!  I’m not very tech savvy so I continue to learn and grow as I post!

If you’re new to my site I invite you to stop back any and all the time!  I plan to continue to bulk up this beauty with my own personal insight and day-to-day accomplishments and struggles of parenthood and living simply as frequently as I can!  You can follow A Simple Living by clicking on “follow” (at the bottom of every page) and you’ll then receive email updates for whenever I post something new.  (And please feel free to let me know your thoughts too!  I’d love to hear from you!)

I hope if nothing else I can allow you to take a minute to remember the simple things in your own world that you are grateful for.  Slowing down in this busy life is something that is so often taken for granted. Remember to breathe! (A self-reminder at this point more than anything!!).

xo Rhea



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