Motivation, Movement and Mind

I’ll be honest, working out is not my favourite thing.  In fact it might be one of my least favourite things…until I get into the middle of a sweat-fest, or I complete my 35 minute butt-whooping.  Then I’m all like “I’m on top of the woooooorld!” So why is it such a struggle to feel the love for starting it up each day when the aftermath is such a high? ( I think it might have something to do with crawling out of a warm cozy bed, beside a hubby who is still sawing logs, creeping past the bedroom of a wee little man also sawing logs and slinking into the basement to meet up with my DVD player and workout gear…just a thought!)

Regardless of why it’s such a heavy chore I know that my body and mind are so much better for it when I do it…(darn’it anyways!). It helps me through the day too, I feel more energized and ready to conquer the day after working out.   My mom who is a fitness trainer and lover of “the burn” has always said that doctors should start prescribing physical fitness for all sorts of ailments and diseases.  I hate to admit it but when it comes to my own mental health and depression she couldn’t be more correct.  Physical fitness and my mood are so intertwined.  Without the former, the latter completely suffers.  And they snowball, if I don’t workout regularly I feel low.  My self-esteem drops, my confidence squanders, my initiative takes a flying leap into nowhere and I become agitated, moody, impatient and just plain miserable.

So why ever get out of the routine right?  My thoughts exactly (at least while I’m on a good stretch of healthiness at least)!  As of lately I’ve found a dvd workout routine that I truly love.  It’s 7 days a week (although I take one rest day, usually Sundays as they are lazy days! I find that I generally still get out and move on these days it’s just not as rigorous as the dvd sets!). Each day is different and the workouts are roughly 30-35 minutes which is completely do-able. I get up at 7, workout, shower, drink my morning moringa and then I’m ready for the day! (After coffee, always coffee!!). Usually my boys sleep right through it and are just rising as I’m heading up from a shower.  It really does work well…as long as I don’t hit snooze a million times and train my brain to think “yes! another morning workout, yay, you’ll feel so good after!” instead of “gahhh, sleep, I can skip today, I’ll just make it my rest day again…”!!!  It all comes down to the motivation of movement.  So say it with me….”Yay! You’ll feel so good after.  Your body is gonna thank you, and more importantly, so is your mind!”

PS Mommas are always right aren’t they?? Even when you’re a momma yourself, they still know what’s best…

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