Scheduling Set-up

I’m a list-maker.  I like to have things written down, categorized and organized.  It keeps me on top of my game as much as possible!


Every Monday I set up my week in a few different ways.  I create my menu plan for the week, the groceries I need, the “extra-curriculars” and appointments we have, my daily chores and now what I plan to focus on for my blog for each week.  I keep a bulletin board, a framed weekly meal planner that I use with dry erase markers and a white board on the wall coming into our house.  This way I see it when I leave and come home and stay reminded of what has to be done.  I often just take a picture of my grocery list too, although lately E really likes to “help” at grocery shopping by taking care of my list and I’d rather him drop paper than my phone! I also keep a calendar on my fridge which is right at the top of the landing in theimage same area as the rest of my organizing boards.  This way we have an over-view of the entire month (birthdays, appointments, commitments, etc).

I have an eraser and dry erase markers velcroed right by the white board so they are always conveniently on-hand. (Seems like a no-brainer but before I did this I would have to dig through my junk drawer each time I wanted to add something which became extremely annoying!) I divide the white board into four quadrants: Groceries, Other (the things I need to shop for from a store other than the grocery store), Rhea (this includes our appointments/commitments and chores for the week, listed daily), and Blog (for
what I hope to research/post daily as well).

I’ve used this “system” for quite a few years now and it truly keeps me on point.  It’s efficient and fairly clean-cut.  Every Monday morning I wipe away the previous week and start new! It helps me a lot to configure a weekly meal-plan too.  I can take things out of the freezer a day before as needed, I tend to only have to shop once (which cuts back on costs as well, which keeping us on budget), and I can prep ahead on days that I have more time. As E gets older and more involved with his own things I plan to create a section on the white board for just his commitments and chores so he can check them of as they’re completed.  The bulletin board will more than likely get covered with more of his items too (school notes and calendars etc.). Once he starts school we are going to set up hooks on the landing for his book bag as well so it will truly be a station to start and end each day. (Hopefully his lunch bag and agenda will make it to his momma a bit more regularly this way too!)

These simple little hacks are easy to implement into your own home too!  Dry-erase markers are truly a saving grace (and they’re cheap and cleaner than chalk)!


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