Trash to Treasures


Toilet paper and paper towel rolls seem to accumulate quickly in our house (especially since I make my own baby bum wipes from paper towels too) and every time I come to the end of a roll I can’t help but imagine things to do with them.  Besides being great head bonkers I’ve come up with a few ways you can use them in these four fun projects to do with your kids!

With a bag of pom-poms and some painters tape you’ve got a bit of a plinko maze! We taped our tube runs onto the fridge and watched the paths the bright coloured pom-poms would take!


We also made a few rolls into a riveting game of bowling!!! This is a bit advanced for E for now, he had the most fun scattering the “pins” with his hands and then setting them up again! Whatever works!


Another easy and probably fairly redundant project to do is make binoculars! We painted our rolls, hot-glued two rolls together and added a ribbon to be able to carry them around our necks while we went on “nature hikes” and “safari hunts”. We’re also learning more about birds lately and come spring we can take them outside to further our bird-watching and nature hiking!


And last but not least, this idea was created out of pure necessity…what else to feed the cows than bales and how else do we haul grain but with an auger to get it from the bin to the truck?! (Oh how far into the recesses of my brain do I go for my boy!!)



E is a farmer through and through and I have to be honest, this makes me and his daddy very proud. So of course I try and make playing farm as real as I can…it looks like an auger right?! Regardless, E has been playing with these same three bales for months now!  The auger unfortunately didn’t fare so well and has since been pitched! (On a side-note, those beautiful bins are made from old snack containers and that shed, an old formula container! Ah the simple things!)


One person’s trash can truly become another person’s treasure…but what’s great about these reusing crafts is they can still be trash in the end so they don’t add to the clutter for too long…once they’re wrecked or their novelty has worn off they make great fire starter…and it has to warm up sometime so campfires will be in our future! (I hope!)

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