Crayon Creations


Broken and dull crayons bother me…like really bother me!  There’s quite a selection in E’s crayon box that have been screaming at me! So we finally delt with Momma’s OCD today and gave those poor broken crayons a new life!!


This project was extremely easy and the outcome was fabulous! All you need is crayons, a silicone mold and an oven! (A sharp knife helps too to take the paper off a bit more easily although getting little fingers busy doing this step works too!) All you have to do is peel the crayons, break them up into smaller pieces, fill the molds then bake (I put the silicone mold onto parchment a pan so that it was more stable). I baked them at 350 and just watched until they were liquified (it took approximately 5-7 mins). Let them cool and then peel them out of the molds!


We used little bunny molds so that E has a cute little gift for all of his cousins for Easter, along with some chocolatey treats too of course!  This was an incredibly fun and simple afternoon project (and the best part is that the crayon box is cleaned up and ready for a new box of crayons…spring cleaning is fun!)



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