Pretty Pastel Projects for Spring



I love Spring for a heap of reasons; the weather is warmer and the air is fresh, there’s a new lease on life and animals (and humans) come out of hibernation, the early plants with their bright green start to pop out of the soil, song birds are back, the days are longer, easter decs come out, mini eggs are out for consumption (massive consumption!), and now with a soon-to-be two year old there’s a whole lot of creative eggy projects to test out!  Here’s a few of the fun (and messy) activities we have tried out so far…


I found some “fake” eggs at the dollar store (which came with the directions to decorate just like you would normal eggs), so we coloured them with crayons and then set to work dipping them in food colouring mixed with vinegar and water…


This was a bit messy and E seemed to be more in love with dipping the little stands that are supposed to hold the drying eggs and to be honest these plastic eggs did not colour like regular eggs..but Easter is for pastels anyways so we dipped to our hearts content regardless of the outcome!  In the future I’d still purchase these eggs as they are way easier than blowing out real eggs and aren’t fragile for little hands.  Next time we’ll have to fine-tune our dying procedure is all!


Next up I hard-boiled some eggs and instead of pealing them I cracked the shells gently and let them cool in water with food colouring.  For the perfect hard-boiled egg I fill a pot with cold water and place the eggs in it and put the heat to high.  Once the water starts to boil I put the lid on and turn the element off, let this sit for 10 minutes then pour under cold water to halt the cooking process.


After they had sat in the coloured water for about 20-30 mins I peeled off the shells and we were left with these pretty marbled eggs (once again in pastels!) Red food coloring seems to work the best so the pink and purple eggs are the showiest I’d say! I’ll store them in the fridge and make party eggs this week with them.


Next up are these cute little hatching chicks!  My grandma made these for table settings years and years ago one year for Easter.  Easter at her place was always super fun. She’d have an easter treat hunt set up in the basement for us grandkids and there was always fresh easter buns/paskia (essentially citrus scented buns, open-faced and topped with icing and sprinkles…a kid’s ultimate delight!), and a huge family feast always set on a prettily decorated table.


All you do is take cracked eggs, gently wash them out then dye them (in a cup with water, a splash of vinegar and food coloring), let them dry then using a hot glue gun stick cotton balls or cotton batting into the empty shells.  Accent them with construction paper beaks, peppercorn eyes and then glue them to a piece of construction paper to stabilize them.  They’re so adorable and truly are the ultimate Easter and Spring promise of new life!

It was really fun to share these moments with E, childhood memories of decorating eggs and making Easter crafts.  I can’t wait to show my grandma the cute hatchlings and see if she remembers making them for us years ago! (And I must get her Easter bun/Paskia recipe at next week’s visit too!)










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