Spring is for the birds…literally!



This week’s theme of Everything Birds has been full of fun projects!  We made tasty chocolate nests filled with mini eggs, we filled up the bird feeders around our yard and Noma’s (after which E stood beside the feeders calling “Birds. Birds! Birds…”) and our latest afternoon activity included a wooden birdhouse from the dollar store, some paintbrushes and a few squirts of acrylic paint…oh! and a paint smock for little man!!


This is such an easy and cheap project to do with your kids.  I think I spent $2 on the house!  And as your kids grow, so will their creativity.  Bring out some items other than just paint to let them decorate with; pennies, beads, glass pebbles, gems, stickers, ribbons, etc.  It’s amazing to see how creative kids can be!

I covered the table with newspapers, squirted some paint into a plastic lid and let E have at it.  He is still working through letting his hands get messy with arts and crafts but he really enjoyed decorating his house!  He amazes me daily and this project was no exception! I expected a mess and was fairly nervous about this since I was letting him use acrylic paint, not the usually crayola washable kids paint.  He was so diligent with his art and let me help him paint the roof yellow. He worked hard at only getting the paint on the house and was fairly meticulous with it all.  After the paint dried I sprayed it with a clear coat of weather-protecting varnish.   I think his house turned out beautifully, a true work of art and later today we’re going to go on a hike and find the perfect place to hang his little bird house!  I really hope a little feathered family makes it their own this summer!



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