Fox Party Fun

I have a real obsession with all things foxes so in true dictator fashion I pass that on to my little guy as well.  This year for E’s birthday we had fun creating some cute little details to share for his parties.  As with any special event I find that the anticipation is often the best part so we spent a couple weeks leading up to E’s second birthday creating memories together while we were creating art!  Here’s some fun things we made for his #twowild birthday festivities!



To complete our goodie bags (cellophane bags of a variety of fox sugar cookies we also made together) I found an easy origami style pattern for fox faces which I made with a selection of craft paper I had laying around that fit the theme.  We hole-punched one ear on each fox and used ties to tie the goodie bags up with these cute little thank-you cards after E signed the back of each one with an “E”!


For the party where E’s cousins were attending we made these fox puppets with Popsicle sticks, thinner coffee stir sticks and bits of paper and ribbon I had laying around.  E helped with the glueing and picking out some fun paper to use.  We tried to personalize each one to suit their recipients and although they didn’t actually put on a puppet show for us the younger ones specifically enjoyed these cute little favours!


Last year I made E’s cake topper out of modelling chocolate and fondant.  It was edible in the sense that it was safe for consumption but let me tell you it did not taste very good at all!  So this year I didn’t bother hunting for these ingredients again and instead made his cake topper out of good old modelling clay.  Definitely not edible but a lot easier to work with and super cute to boot!  And if my clutter-free side doesn’t get too involved E may even get to keep his foxy friend for years ahead!


Another thing we did in the week leading up to my guy’s birthday was capture him to film (per say)!  One of my closest friends is a fantastic photographer and this has been to my advantage a number of times already.  In keeping with the theme of woodland wonder and #twowild I set up this little tent in the woods for E’s 2-year photoshoot!  I wanted a very natural vibe, capturing E in his true, adventuring and busy self so we went on a mini hike looking for bird’s nests, reading books to his fox friends and pushing toy tractors and trucks through the lawn!   The photos turned out fantastic and I’m having a really hard time deciding on which ones I’m going to frame.  It’s such an important thing to me to capture E at every age.  We also recorded his height on the growth chart in his room (he’s grown a whole 5 3/4 inches since his 1st birthday!).  I’m obsessed with tradition and hopefully each year we continue to mark his growth, make him pancakes for breakfast and get his photos done!  (Gosh but how fast a year goes by now…)

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