Ode To My Mother…


Mother’s Day has brand new meaning for me since becoming a mother myself…I’ve always been grateful for my mom and it has been important to me to shower her with gifts and love and special moments on this day.  But since becoming a mom I have a completely different set of gratitude and love.

My mother has taught me so many things through the years and continues to do so.  I look to her for advice on raising my little guy as well as advice on a whole array of other things.  She is a wonderful role model, support system and friend.  She has taught me to be proud of my accomplishments as well as failures.  To dust myself off from situations that have been unsuccessful and to get back on the horse.  She has shown me that some of life’s most amazing adventures come from getting out of my comfort zone, and that I am in fact strong and brave enough to conquer so many things.

My mom is independant, wise beyond her years, giving, caring and loving.  She is crazy and wild and loves to try new things. She is out-going and seems to know exactly how to charm a room immediately upon entering it.  She is charismatic, open and engaged.  She makes people feel like they matter.  She listens and she hears.  I admire her extroverted personality and often imagine how she would handle a situation when I find my introverted self uncomfortable.  I often find myself asking her “but what would you do mom?” and truly appreciating her advice.  Thank God I’ve long since given up my brutal teenage attitude and have opened my eyes to the font of amazingness that is my mom…and thank God she continued with the unconditional love even through those horrific pubescent years!

My mom is multi-talented.  There’s not much that she can’t do…and do it with grace and poignancy too.  She loves to cook and has most definitely instilled in me my love for cooking.  She’s in tune with nature, has a greener thumb than most anyone and has shared that love with her children and now grandchild as well.  She’s artistic, creative and has fantastic taste.

  • My mom has taught me to have faith…I’m naturally cynical.
  • She has taught me to set goals, work hard, and celebrate the ‘wins’.
  • She has taught me to make a mean bruschetta.
  • My mom has taught me to appreciate each day…to look for the silver lining.
  • My mom has taught me to be forgiving.
  • She has taught me to take pride and take care of my things.
  • She has taught me perseverance and patience.
  • My mom has taught me how to correctly make a bed…square corners!
  • She has taught me to trust my instincts and stick up for myself.
  • She has taught me it’s ok to cry and has held me while I do.
  • My mom has taught me to be fair, to be kind, to be honest, to love without fear, to share, to give, to trust, to breathe, to relax, to cherish memories, to be loyal, to be understanding, to be myself, to be beautiful, to stand on my own two feet, to be strong and brave and good…my mother has taught me all of this by being this and I am so incredibly thankful for her every single day, not just Mother’s Day!!!

I love you mom…





1 thought on “Ode To My Mother…”

  1. Well shit you just covered gifts for the next 20 years my dear. Love you!!!💕💕💕💕

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