Watercolour Whimsy


I like to do some sort of new activity with E each week.  Something different to kind of cut into the routine for both of us!  A lot of times it’s something new we’ve created in the kitchen, or an exciting (and usually messy) crafting project or sometimes it’s just hitting up one of the parks in town.  This week I was inspired by with their watercolour painting project. (If you don’t already follow them on facebook please check them out…they also have a youtube channel and this dad’s ideas are seriously awesome!)


It’s super simple.  All you need is some plain white paper (watercolour paper if you’re feeling fancy! we just used plain computer paper!), watercolour paint and brushes, water and a white crayon.  I spent a little time drawing a few pictures with the white crayon on the paper for E (if you have older kids I’m sure they’d love to do this part too, although the surprise factor is kind of neat).  Then I just let E go to town with the paint and water and as he painted on the paper the picture I drew showed through.  I’m talking easy easy easy and so neat!  My busy two year old stayed with this activity for a relatively long time and we have some beautiful pictures to divvy out to his grandmas now! A perfect morning activity for any day of the week!


PS Note my inspiration….tractors and burgers!!! Ah the hungry life of a mom to a future farmer!

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