Canada Day Pallet Project



This is such a quick and easy way to display pride for our homeland Canadian nation! I spent the morning with my little man and my mom creating these fun pallet projects (and we even had time for coffee and cinnamon biscuits)!



Brush down your chosen pallet.  Mom used a grey toned one and I chose one of the tan colored pallets with thinner slats.


Spray paint all slats (except for one on each end) white.  We did two light coats. Then spray the end slats red.


Using a stencil we made from a large piece of cardboard, spray the iconic maple leaf in the center (two coats for red too). And voila! From drab to fantastically fab in literally under an hour! I put mine at the end of our lane and mom is taking hers to the lake for some festive decor! I swear it is as easy as that!

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