Strawberry Sweetness Pops



Continuing with the 12 Days of Summer Ice Pop Sensations I not only bring you another idea for frozen treats to share on sunny days, I also bring you a magnificent bribery tool!  Need some weeds pulled? The lawn mowed? Perhaps there’s a fence that needs painting? Do you have a front porch that needs to be swept? Or you just want someone to play Bocce Ball with, or run through the sprinkler with?  This my friends is your ticket to plenty!


On the second day of Summer Ice Pop Sensations I bring you “Strawberry Sweetness Pops”.  This has got to be the easiest ice pop I’ve ever made.  All you need is a package of strawberry jello and some fresh strawberries.

Dice up the berries and put them into your pop molds then top with the jello (made as per the directions on the box).  Any remaining jello can just be put into a dish in the fridge for actual jello!

I’ve read somewhere that jello added to ice pops can prevent them from dripping…I did not find that this was true. All of us were a sticky mess by the end of enjoying these but regardless, it did not take away from their yumminess!

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