Happy Birthday Canada!


I am extremely proud to be Canadian and in true patriotic fashion I love nothing more than a good themed party.  It has become a tradition with another family to celebrate our great country on it’s birthday together and this year we celebrated a bit early!  Our kids are the centre of our fun and I know that with each year to come that we continue with this they will only be and have more fun.  We decorated with lots of flags and everything red and white and let the kids be kids all afternoon/evening long.  We gorged on good food and lots of summery sweets, stayed up late roasting hot dogs and marshmallows and later making a big blanket bed on the grass to count stars from.  We sang Oh Canada loud and proud to our kids and we lit sparklers and cracked glowsticks til their hearts’ content.  We wore matching outfits and laughed through multiple group photos to cherish the memories of our second annual Canada Day party!  I for one went to bed extra grateful for the people and country I call home!

Here’s some of our ideas in case you’re looking for something new to add to your own July 1st festivities!…


Poutine Bar with Homemade Fries

This year we continued with the main menu of a poutine bar but we also added some new and festive ideas…


Inukshuk Cold Cut Stacks


Caprese Canadian Flag Platter


Fruit Kebab Flags


Maple S’mores


Goodie Bags for the kids filled with glow sticks, maple cookies, red and white m&m’s, red beaded necklaces and of course, their very own Canadian flag to wave!  Although the weather wasn’t as warm as last year where we filled the kid’s pools and water tables, we still had a bonfire, played bocce ball, shot off fireworks and just genuinely enjoyed the day together.  The kids went to bed full, tired and happy…and hopefully with a bit more of their Nation’s Pride to believe in!

Oh Canada, Our True North Strong and Free!

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