Pina Colada Pops


Summer screams coconut doesn’t it? The beautiful sunshine, poolside or lakeside, a gentle breeze, sand beneath your toes, something frosty and cold in your hands…ah bliss!  These pops are easy to make and gather all the yummy flavours of a Pina colada, complete with a cherry on top for day nine of our twelve days of summer kickoff!

Here’s how I made them:

In a blender mix up a can of coconut milk, 1 cup fresh chunks of pineapple, a splash of fresh lime juice, a few tsp of honey, a pinch of salt,  (and a splash of coconut rum if you’re feeling naughty and aren’t gonna share with the kids or a zip of coconut extract for added punch).  Mix until smooth.  Place one cocktail cherry (stem removed) into each of your ice pop molds and pour the creamy mixture over.  Seal, Freeze and Serve! (Hopefully poolside or at the lake with a group of your favourite people on a hot summer day!)


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