An Unconventional Valentine…


Years ago (five to be exact) my siblings and their significant others, my hubby and I decided to forego the hype of a “romantic (over-priced) dinner for two” and instead create a sushi feast together and truly celebrate Valentine’s Day with the one(s) we love!  It was a hit, and although that first we crazily decided to make sushi AND steak, way too much food, this year will be our fifth annual “Sibling Sushi Valentine’s Night”.  We split the list and roll sushi together, sip champagne (and ale) and usually get out some sort of board game or crazy, dancing, fool-making video game!  I look forward to it immensely and this year is no different!

Here’s some feast pics from the past…

Through the years we’ve experimented with different rolls, usually some sort of edamame, steamed pork potsticker style dumplings, crab dip filled egg rolls and this year we’re planning on sushi and chicken wings!  It’s fun to get creative in the kitchen with my sisters and it’s even more fun to get to share this with my little guy.


So think outside that commercialized box and throw caution to the wind…get a group together and experiment in the kitchen or order take-out and grab some of those fool-making video games!  It’s sure to be something you’ll love just as much as we do!

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