Turning ONE…

I cannot believe how fast a year goes by.  It literally feels like I just launched this little passion project and here we are…ONE YEAR OLD!  I’m proud of myself for sticking to it and I’m proud of all of you for sticking it out with me.  I have to admit I’ve struggled getting solid posts up on the blog consistently…I vow to work on that!  As E grows so does his need for even more activity and learning and flat out busy-ness.  (I am well aware that this is only the tip of the iceberg as far as being busy with kids!)

This year I’ve learned a lot.  I’ve learned some ‘techy stuff’ as I fumble my way through the blog and the book-keeping I do on the side.  I’m not naturally a left-brainer, numbers and formulas are not my strong suit.  Neither is computing.  I prefer to be more creative, and imaginative. Having said this I am definitely more left-brained in my thought processing, I’m analytical and I tend to be more logical in problem solving.  Either way, I’m enjoying testing my brain and learning this new scope of things.

I’m also learning to be more conscious of my time.  This works two ways. One, I try to not waste time.  I’m typically efficient and I do a lot in a day…I’m trying to do more, specifically where “A Simple Living” is concerned.  I’m learning the value of time management (blech!).  Having said this though, I’m led to number two, I’m learning to live in the moment more and appreciate every minute in the day.  Time is truly so fleeting and what is here today can so easily be gone tomorrow.  The other night my husband and I spent a good portion of the evening scrolling through old videos of E.  I was nearly tearful at how much he’s grown and changed and how idiotic I was to think that “he was so grown-up and big” then…my word what is gonna happen to my when he treks off to kindergarten (somebody better come hold me!).

I’ve learned a lot about myself.  I’m impatient, stubborn, overly organized, rigid and thorough.  I think WAY to much.  I’m not nearly outspoken enough and yet I don’t listen nearly enough.  Basically I need to just breathe!  One of my goals for the new year this year was to be more spontaneous…I’m trying.  Having said all this my stubborn-ness has led me to push myself to try and retry new things.  My organization has made this possible and my over-thinking has created so many new projects and different methods for learning.  I’m still a work in progress after all…and so is this blog!

I look forward to sharing more tips, tricks, creative projects, yummy ideas for the kitchen to share with your littles and celebrate with your loves, and so much more.  This next year has a lot in store for “A Simple Living” and I hope you continue to travel on this journey with me and that you continue to remember to appreciate the simple things! From the bottom of my heart I thank you for coming this far!

Cheers! (I really should have baked a cake or something!)

xo  Rhea

4 thoughts on “Turning ONE…”

  1. Congrats Rhea! It’s been an awesome year! I love following your blog and trying out the recipes you post (and the ones from cooking class)! Your hard work really shows!


  2. So hard to believe it has been a year! Congratulations & I am very excited to see what this upcoming year brings for you!


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