A Simple Living

And here it is!! The seed of an idea that was planted what seems like so long ago is finally breaking through the soil..Forgive me and bear with me while we get rid of the weeds and nurture this little bud of an idea into what I hope will be a gorgeous bloom…my blog!!!

To start from the beginning and give you an idea of “me” seems a little daunting…its a story 34 years in the making after all.  I’m creative, organized, slightly obsessive, I love all things kitchen oriented (trained in culinary arts), I’m a wife, daughter, sister and of late, a mother!  I love to create something out of nothing, it’s like a competition to me!

Since becoming a mother my perspective on many things has changed…I typically dwell in the past and live for the future but since having our little boy (and with the pressure of how relentless time can be), I’m learning that it is in the present where the real magic happens. The little moments that so often get taken for granted sparkle.  They truly do.  And so often we miss them.  I think in so many ways planning for and sketching out this blog I’m reminded of this even more.  Don’t get me wrong, I am so not above being human.  I yell, I cry, I lose my patience at the crumbs on my freshly vacuumed floor, I can burn supper as well as the next guy, I forget to switch the laundry, I get cranky and I hold grudges…but I really truly love my life.  I love simple.

So, I give to you “A Simple Living” in all its flaws and glory. A place to gather ideas on creative projects to do with your kids, or on your own, I share some meal ideas and recipes that will hopefully inspire you too to find the joy in your kitchen, I give you drink recipes to celebrate the big and little moments (adult and kid oriented), hacks to help keep on top of the day to day chores and tasks, and a venue to get to know me better and see the things I do to stay above water in a busy life of mom-ing!  Check out the menu bar and click on any or all of the categories to see what we’re up to!  I hope I can inspire you to see the joy that A Simple Living can bring!

xo Rhea