This 2-month Blog-iversary…

I’ve been working on this creative project of mine for  2 months now and although I still have so much to learn, (like how to tag my goodies on Pinterest and effectively upload photos straight from my computer, not through my phone to name a few) I’m truly enjoying the process!

I’ve been trying to get into the routine of posting multiple times throughout the week (Monday, Wednesday and then Friday/Saturaday) but as the rhythm of life beats to its own drum I’ve been struggling with this.  I want to stay as authentic as I can and since the basis for all of my ramblings is through real-life experiences and challenges, I must continue to live…and with a nearly two-year old (gasp how has that happened so quickly) I am forced to do the life part by his schedule as well!  So please continue to bear with me as we continue to create for ‘a simple living’!  I have a lot of topics planned for the months ahead that I’m getting prepared for and excited to share and of course there’s the day-to-day articles that seem to just write themselves!

I’d like to thank my followers for jumping on board with me on this adventure!  There are 298 of you so I know you’re not all just family and friends (as I don’t have that large of a family and unlike my social butterfly brother, I do not have that many friends)!  Through letting you catch a glimpse of what makes up my life I do consider you all friends in some way tho and I really hope that this ‘friendship’ can continue!  It’s rather insane to think about it if I let myself…298 followers is quite amazing for a small-town blogger with a vivid dream so thank-you!

xo Rhea

(And I love getting feedback so please let me know if there’s anything you want to read about!  Shoot me a comment!)


This Official “Launch”

I’m so excited to finally have enough “meat” on the bones of this blog to officially launch it to the Facebook world!  I’ve been planning A Simple Living for quite some time now and finally have the courage to bring it to life!  I’m not very tech savvy so I continue to learn and grow as I post!

If you’re new to my site I invite you to stop back any and all the time!  I plan to continue to bulk up this beauty with my own personal insight and day-to-day accomplishments and struggles of parenthood and living simply as frequently as I can!  You can follow A Simple Living by clicking on “follow” (at the bottom of every page) and you’ll then receive email updates for whenever I post something new.  (And please feel free to let me know your thoughts too!  I’d love to hear from you!)

I hope if nothing else I can allow you to take a minute to remember the simple things in your own world that you are grateful for.  Slowing down in this busy life is something that is so often taken for granted. Remember to breathe! (A self-reminder at this point more than anything!!).

xo Rhea



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Thank you to all of you have stopped in to check out “A Simple Living”!  Like I said, bear with me while I embark on this incredible learning curve and learn how to format and publish my blooming blog!

Search for “pancakes” to view my latest post and recipe under Nosh! It’s a great Sunday staple in our home, hearty and full of possibilities to customize it to you and your family’s likes!  Pancakes are such an easy way to get little hands involved too….you can’t really screw them up!  My little E likes to dump in the ingredients and help me mix it up.  Once it comes to the cooking part he usually drags his tractors up onto the counter and plays while watching me flip the flapjacks.  Either that or he’s nose deep in a tractor magazine with his daddy!! Boys and their toys!

Enjoy your Sunday!   For us it’s full of pancakes, pulled pork (for supper) and playing outside!

xo Rhea