“Clean Cleaning”

The environment is important to me.  I like to think I live a reasonably low carbon footprint life….or at least I try to…(we recycle everything we can, I compost,  we use reusable containers all the time, especially mason jars!). My and my family’s health is important to me, and the less chemicals I can expose us to the better.  E and I also have skin sensitivities and so using more natural cleaners just makes sense for us.

My go-to all purpose cleaner is simply Dawn dish soap and vinegar diluted according to the task with the addition of essential oils when necessary or desired. (I usually mix it with a 1 part dawn to 2 parts vinegar and then water but to be honest I don’t “measure”!). It’s gentle (no rubber gloves needed), it smells amazing (my favourite is the purple/blue dawn dish soap), it’s cheap, and above all, it’s simple (one cleaner to do almost all of your cleaning chores)!!!

I clean my laminate and vinyl floors with a sink full of hot water, a glug of the dawn/vinegar mixture, lemon and orange essential oils.  My floors come out sparkling and the house always smells so fresh on floor washing day.

For bathrooms I put slightly diluted dawn and vinegar in a spray bottle (like half and half water to dawn/vinegar mixture) and spray down the counters, sink and toilet, let sit then wipe clean with hot water rinse.  I also spray down my shower and tub once a week with the solution, let sit then scrub down. (We squeegee the shower after every use to eliminate mineral and soap scum build-up.)

When a cold/flu bug hits I mix up a pail of the diluted dawn/vinegar solution (similar to the floor washing mixture) and add thieves essential oil to knock back the germs…I wipe down everything I can; light switches, doors and door knobs, cupboards, counters, toys and “kid height” surfaces. (And maybe it’s all in my head but I swear we kick the bugs way quicker when I do this!)

I dust and wipe down windows and glass surfaces with water and vinegar and these amazing cloths I get from my mom. (I’ll tag more info about them when I get it!) They are amazing lint-free cloths that feel more like paper until wet and used.  No cleaning products are needed for it to work its magic, simple water will do.  It leaves stainless steal sparkling and granite or quartz counters streak free as well as glass and mirrors shining.  I am obsessed with them! (They also work great to shammy down your truck or car after a washing!)

A clean home is important to me.  I feel like I’m so much more productive and relaxed when my house is in order and I truly enjoy the process of purging and scrubbing!  To be able to limit the chemical cleaners I use is important to me also and these are just a few of my ‘hacks’ to a cleaner clean home!