Canada 150: wearing our pride


Canada is celebrating 150 years this year and I am so excited to honour our beautiful country in as many ways as I can!  I am proudly Canadian and exploring all our great nation has to offer is important to me.  From the Rocky Mountains through the beautiful prairies all the way up to the thick tundra and along through our capital city and beyond to the open arms of the East coast Canada is a multitude of wonderful niches.  I have been blessed to have travelled much of Canada and continue to dream about the places I have yet to see.  Our country is diverse in its people as it is diverse in its land.  If you’ve yet to visit this land of plenty, I encourage you to do so!  Consider joining us on July 1st to celebrate Canada’s 150 and wave the maple leaf flag high or get crafty and make up your own Canada Proud shirt!

E and I spent an afternoon creating these adorable shirts to wear for our upcoming festivities.  It’s an easy art project that doesn’t take much time to complete!  I placed some newspaper on the inside of each t-shirt so the paint wouldn’t go through to the backside.  Then I mixed red acrylic craft paint with a textile paint and painted E’s hands and my own.  We placed our handprints in the centre of these plain cotton t-shirts and then painted red solid blocks on either side of our handprints to complete the maple leaf.  Lay the shirts flat until they’re completely dry.  I’ve handprinted other shirts in the past with this paint and they machine wash wonderfully (although I hang dry these special items to prolong the life of the artwork!)


Last year we made something similar with our handprints with these tin can wind socks.  I cleaned out empty bean cans and cut the bottoms out of them.  I punched holes along the base for streamers and two holes on the top to tie a ribbon through to hang them from.  They made cute festive decorations to hang around our patio and even though I left them out all winter, they’re still hanging and although the cans have slightly rusted you can still see the painting and they are still waving proudly in the breeze!

Stay tuned to see other ways we’re planning to celebrate our favourite country…there’s sure to be plenty of maple, some poutine, lots of red and white, caesars (with pickles), butter tarts,  celebrations with friends and family and more than likely fireworks!

O Canada, Our True North Strong and Free!


Just Jello…?


Jello may just be one of the easiest snacks to whip up but are you aware of the amazing health benefits of  gelatin? It’s great for your hair, skin and nails, is high in protein, has immune boosting qualities, great for joints, boosting metabolism, keeping your digestive system on track and can even aid in sleep.  So it truly is anything but Just Jello!

Here’s the recipe I use for jello jigglers.  We made them with lime jello and cut them into shamrock shapes for St. Pattys Day fun!  It’s such a basic recipe but I have to admit the first time I tried to make the jigglers I didn’t realize there was more to it than just a bit less water in the normal jello recipe!  I like to make mine with half jello powder and half gelatin so you get the benefits of the gelatin without the added sugar.

  • 2 pkgs jello
  • 2 pkgs gelatin powder
  • 3 cups boiling water
  • Mix it all up and pour it into a 9×13 baking pan.  Cover and chill until set.  When read to cut into shapes dip the bottom of the pan in hot water for a few seconds to loosen it enough to remove your cookie cutter shapes with ease!



The flu bug has come and knocked little E down a bit and I remember reading somewhere that a couple spoonfuls of the jello (before it has set) can help soothe a cough and sore throat so I thought we’d give it a try.  After researching gelatin a bit further and reading it can aid in good sleep we also had our fill as a bed-night snack last night and one thing or another let all of us get a really good night’s sleep for a change!! I guess there’s a multitude of reasons it’s such a common menu item in hospitals!  E loves jello and in the jello jiggler form we can make it into so many shapes and themes…blue snowflakes for a toboggan day with friends, red hearts for valentines, yellow flowers for spring!

Feel Good Fun….NOT Just Jello!!!